"Solutions for your ever-changing network environments" ... Layer321


  • Has your telephone stopped working?
  • Hearing a lot of static & echoing on your line?
  • No dial tone present at your fax?
  • Moved to a bigger office and need your personal extension transferred?
  • Need a new phone outlet in a soon to be office?
  • Or ... the-o-so familiar "Demarc Extension"?

If these scenarios sound familiar, your've found the right place. Whether you're using an analog or digital system, Layer 321 can help to solve your telephone needs. Adding phones, relocating phones, or upgrading to a new phone system... let us be your voice communication to the outside world.

We also offer services to extend your demarc P.O.T.S (Plain Old Telephone Lines) and T1 smart circuit from the main point of entry (MPOE) to your designated Telecommunication Room.

  • Typical cables used for telephone: 4 pair, 25 pair, 50 pair, 100 pair, 300 pair, 600 pair
  • Typical phone termination blocks: 66 blocks, 110 blocks, Bix blocks & Krone block